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About us

Apextrans was founded by the finest professionals in the all-inclusive transportation services sector. We understand our clients’ business and realise the importance of taking responsibility for the performance of the tasks assigned by them. That is why we have engaged energetic professionals with many years of experience and expert knowledge of the markets we are working on. When cooperating with us you can be sure that Apextrans will find effective ways to meet all the logistical challenges of your business.

Network of the reliable partners

Apextrans works through direct contracts throughout a vast network of trusted partners. Although we are able to deliver cargo effectively to any part of the world, we place special emphasis on the CIS region, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, as well as the USA and China. Strong direct links with port terminals and railway operating companies allow us to provide our clients with the most competitive quotes for cargo transportation.

Liablity insurance of the freight forwarder

Apextrans liability is ensured for 500 000 euros. We offer our clients guarantees of our service quality and thus help them avoid unforeseen losses.

Rail transportation


Cargo can be transported by rail to the most distant regions at a reasonable cost. This is also the most functional transportation way which allows containers to be shipped on fitting platforms as well as large amounts of general cargo to be shipped in covered wagons.

Transportation of general cargo


General cargo is transported in general-purpose covered wagons. We ship general cargo of any degree of complexity by rail, even to the most distant regions. Apextrans will ensure high-quality loading of your cargo into the wagons, as well as guaranteeing correct completion of all the associated paperwork.

Container transportation


Apextrans is expert in liquid cargo transportation in tank containers and sea container transportation. Usage of the general-purpose rolling stock platforms makes it possible to include rail transportation in multimodal logistic chains.

Transportation by road


Transportation by road is becoming more and more in demand, due to the fast speed of shipment, and its convenience and affordability. At Apextrans we think through and select the optimal type of vehicle for your cargo and develop the most favourable route. We are constantly monitoring movement of the cargo and are always ready to provide information to the client regarding the cargo’s location.

Standard cargo transportation


Apextrans carries out FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments, which refers to transportation of balanced stock in fully loaded trucks. LTL (Less than Truck Load) shipments often also require consolidation and temporary storage solutions. We will ensure that your cargo is delivered carefully and securely.

Refrigerated cargo transportation


We undertake timely deliveries of the cargo, which requires maintenance at a certain temperature. Organisation of these kinds of shipments requires thorough planning and precision during deliveries. Our professionals understand that and take into account delivery timing terms, and the specifics of customs clearance for such goods, and if necessary, will also offer storage solutions and cargo consolidation.

Multimodal transportation


As we are the sole transport organiser for the cargo, we can offer our clients all-inclusive logistic solutions for the whole length of the route, no matter how many different types of transport are involved or reloading points there are. Direct contracts with the leading container lines as well as the biggest port terminal, auto and railway operating companies allow us to efficiently execute tasks assigned by clients.

Sea container transportation


Apextrans carries out sea container shipping all over the world – both deep-sea as well as short-sea shipping. Our use of non-standard solutions while constructing logistic chains, as well as our use of short-sea container shipping allows us offer our clients the most competitive quotes. Sea transport is cost-efficient and universal which insures its enduring appeal to clients looking for logistic planning.

Liquid cargo transportation


Work with liquid cargo demands expert knowledge and experience. We work directly with tank container operating companies in different countries, as well as with our network of experienced partners, which ensures the accessibility of constant volume of the equipment needed for the liquid cargo transportation.

Tank container transportation


Apextrans works with the largest tank container operating companies specialising in the liquid cargo shipping. Carrying out shipments of this kind involves engaging a vast equipment park which includes all different types of tank containers.

Foodstuff cargo transportation


When transporting cargo containing liquid foodstuffs sanitary norms need to be followed, and the temperature must be appropriate. This means special attention must be paid to product quality, in order to ensure that its properties are retained. That is why we use only specialised equipment.

Chemical cargo transportation


The increased levels of risk associated with transportation of chemical cargo means it is necessary to be cautious and to pay special attention to safety. This type of cargo also requires specialised equipment to be available. Our approach to the transportation of dangerous cargos is complex and includes strict following agreed delays, safety measures and other specific terms. We ensure that the whole transportation process is well organised and that the necessary paperwork is complete.

Other services


Apextrans’s range of services will fulfil all the requirements of your business in logistics. Our experienced managers not only take it upon themselves to plan the optimal route and logistic chain for clients, taking into account their business’s specific priorities and challenges, but also provide the supporting services.

Air cargo operations


When the most important factor is speed, shipment by air is the most appropriate option, despite the costs associated with it. The regularity and wide geographical distribution of flights are also important advantages of this transportation type. We ensure delivery of your cargo “to the door” of its destination and will select the optimal route for it. Since we constantly monitor the cargo, we are always able to give updates about its location to the client.



Apextrans offers cargo loading services, warehousing and storage, as well as surveys and inspections. We carry out immediate quality control while re-packaging, loading and unloading various types of cargo. When necessary, we also arrange for temporary storage and complete all the necessary paperwork as well as deal with other non-standard requests for cargo handling.